2020-2021 Brazil's Pantanal and Amazon

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Itinerary Based on the expeditionary nature of our trips, there may be ongoing enhancements to this itinerary. Day 1 ARRIVE BRASILIA / CUIABA Arrive in Brasilia and connect with your domestic flight to Cuiabá. Transfer to the Hotel Deville Prime Cuiaba for a welcome dinner and overnight. (D) Day 2 CUIABA / PORTO JOFRE (PANTANAL) After breakfast, depart overland for Porto Jofre along the Transpantaneira Highway. There is ample time to make stops for birds, nature viewing and photography along the way. Described as the world's largest wetland area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a Biosphere Reserve, your visit is timed during the dry season when water starts to recede and wildlife congregates at available sources. The Hotel Porto Jofre, your base for two nights, is situated quite literally at the end of the road, on the banks of the Cuiabá River. (B,L,D) Day 3 PANTANAL Spend the day exploring along the banks of the Cuiabá River by boat and on land. This area is one of the best places in the world to observe the elusive jaguar, and sighting these massive carnivores is our primary goal. Some of the many birds easily seen here include jabiru storks, anhingas, capped herons, southern screamers, snail kites, silver-beaked tanagers, toco toucans and the endemic nanday or black-hooded parakeet. Other wildlife you may encounter include giant river otter, caiman, tapir, anaconda, howler monkey and capybara. (B,L,D) Days 4 & 5 PORTO JOFRE / ARARAS (NORTHERN PANTANAL) After breakfast, depart overland heading north, making stops along the way for more wildlife viewing and photography. Arrive at Araras Eco Lodge in the afternoon, your comfortable base for two days of exploration. Activities here include climbing the lodge's canopy tower, watching the crowded bird feeders, and embarking on nature walks and drives to look for a wealth of birds and wildlife, including the world's largest member of the parrot family, the rare and beautiful hyacinth macaw. Spotlighting excursions may reveal great potoos, crab-eating foxes, and with luck, a tapir or an ocelot. (B,L,D daily) I N T E R N A T I O N A L E X P E D I T I O N S | B R A Z I L ' S P A N T A N A L & A M A Z O N EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS Join a local expert on this comprehensive itinerary that explores the northern Pantanal and Amazon, two of the most spectacular areas for wildlife in the Americas. Search for Brazil's iconic wildlife — caiman, capybara, howler monkey, tapir, giant river otter and our ultimate goal — the elusive jaguar. Discover a huge variety of large and colorful birds, including macaws, ibis, storks, curassows, spoonbills and a wide range of birds of prey. Explore the jungle floor, serene waterways and canopy towers of the Brazilian Amazon while staying at an award- winning lodge. Enjoy excellent photography — the dry season offers stunning scenery and up-close shots of wildlife as they congregate at the shrinking water sources. Savor a sweeping adventure combining the preeminent wildlife areas of Brazil. Highlighting this journey into Brazilian biodiversity are three days spent watching for the elusive jaguar in a region where intrepid travelers have spotted these big cats on 95% of their excursions! Along the way, enjoy an intoxicating blend of bountiful birdlife, the world's largest seasonal wetland, and lush rainforests. TOCO TOUCAN BURROWING OWL PANTANEIRO BRAZIL JOURNEY BY LAND JOURNEY BY AIR Iguazú Falls São Paulo Porto Jofre Cuiaba Brasilia Araras Ecolodge Alta Floresta SOUTH AMERICA BRAZIL

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